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Why Bitter Is Better | What Foods are Bitter

Why Bitter is better before and after taking your food or meal is a biggest question.

What foods are bitter to eat asked by everyone specially it’s a most important question for working lady.

While eating bitter after and before your meal will improve the digestion system of your body, you will surprised to know that your body need bitter food and you will realized small changes in your body. After Eating bitter food you know why bitter is better.

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Another important Question is what foods are bitter for your body. Eat Food like Sugar, Candy and Natural foods item which contain carbohydrates and increase your body metabolism. So the problem of what foods are bitter will be solved and your question in mind will be solved why bitter is better after reading this article.

It is a universal fact that all good things take some time to happen. But sooner or later acceptance of good over bad reaps better results. When it comes to natural immune boosters, Indian gooseberry or amla is undoubtedly the powerhouse of nutrients.

Though not very good in taste but its benefits are indispensable. As Ayurveda describes, all the three doshas in our body .i.e. vata, pitta and kapha attains equilibrium with the intake of amla.

Why Bitter Is Better

Thanks to the revitalization in cocktail Society, bitters are having a instant. You can find them in a full range of flavors, including grapefruit, rhubarb, chocolate, celery—the list energies on.

Outside the bar, bitters have long been used as herbal therapies and are sold today as additions to endorse digestive health. As these old-style uses and up-to-date popularity converge, the more we learn about bitters, the more stimulating they become.

How to Use Bitters | Why Bitter Is Better

Bitters are most real when taken before or after a meal, when they have the biggest impact on digestion.

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“You can take a dropperful directly on the language or in a little water,” says Carrie Decker, a naturopath in Portland. “If you tend to feel bloated after meals, digestive bitters in some soda water with lemon or lime can help.”

What Foods are Bitter?

A turn through the food section of your local grocery store is one of profusion. This bounty providing via mass-produced manufacturing farming is great for assortment and availability, but we have salaried for it in terms of a decline in bitter foods, ironic in naturally lively flavors. While we are aware to a wide variety of readily obtainable fruits and vegetables, most have consumed the bitter flavors bred out of them. So you might be questioning, what foods are bitter?

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We’ve gathered a short list of what foods are bitter, as well as some health benefits of bitter foods and digestive bitter supplements.

List of What Foods are Bitter

  • Vegetables: radicchio, chicory, arugula, endive, cauliflower, artichokes, broccoli
  • Fruits: Citrus fruits like grapefruits, oranges, lemons, limes
  • Cereals: Amaranth, Millet
  • Spices: ginger, pepper, cardamom
  • Culinary herbs: thyme, marjoram, lovage, rosemary, tarragon, bay leaves, sorrel, sage


Anti-Aging Why Bitter Is Better

The presence of antioxidant qualities in amla reduces the amount of free radicals in the body. It further increases our blood cells production and prevents our skin from acquiring wrinkles and age spots with the passage of time.

Hair Care Why Bitter Is Better

Hair growth and pigmentation is enriched due to the intake of amla. The carotene content in amla reduces hair loss and balances the hormones to reduce any further damage in the form of baldness or loss of lustre. The scalp is strengthened as a result of which growth of strong hair is triggered automatically.

Eye Care Why Bitter Is Better

The content of Vitamin A and carotene in amla reduces macular degeneration and night blindness. Mixing a small amount of honey with gooseberry juice can do wonders to our eyesight and is capable of curing near sightedness permanently.

Menstrual Cramps Why Bitter Is Better

One of the tremendous effects of gooseberry is the benefit it provides to females in particular. The minerals and vitamins enriched in amla have shown magnificent results in the treatment of menstrual cramps. Daily intake of gooseberry by women in any form can relieve them of the stress and cramps they suffer with every month.

Diabetes Why Bitter Is Better

Chromium acts as a great boon for diabetic patients and if you are going for amla, you will be cured surely. Gooseberry stimulates isolated group of cells which are responsible for secreting the hormone insulin. The cholesterol level is balanced in the body as a result of which plunges and spikes in blood sugar are not formed.

Digestion Why Bitter Is Better

If your digestion is ok, your entire body would work aptly. Presence of fiber in amla keeps your bowel movements regular and in control. It further stimulates secretion of gastric and digestive juices thus aiding in digestion efficiently.

So on the whole, include gooseberry in your diet and stay young forever. It tastes bitter but the benefits cannot be neglected in any way.

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