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What to Pack in Hospital Bag – Take it or Leave it?

What Should be your Checklist for Hospital Bag?

Clothes Necessary for Hospital:

All clothes are necessary to take to the hospitals only takes some dark color clothes.

Don’t Take heavy Cloths and use only light clothes when going to the hospital.

The sleeping dress is compulsory for a night if it possible take pajamas and shirts in which you feel relax or in peace.

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Born Babies clothes (like a short skirt)

IF you are pregnant and having delivery so must have diapers, Wipes, Cream, Feeder all ‘these things are necessary don’t leave anything in a home it will make you in trouble.


Slippers, Toilets Accessory & Camera

Flat Slippers are very necessary it will help you or easy and comfortable walk and you also must have bath slippers too.

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Also to the socks for your born child and if possible take the complete icepack with your self.

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All the toilets accessory are very necessary like Towel, Soap, Slippers, Toothpaste, and brush all these things are important to relax and if possible take the camera and took the snapshot of your each and every moment especially when you have the baby

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