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Want a good night sleep? Read what the best thing to wear to bed is.

Want a good night sleep? Read what the best thing to wear to bed is.

For a good night sleep, the University of Sydney conducted a study. The study has found that wool pajamas could help with better sleep. They have compared cotton pajamas with wool pajamas and found that wool ones can help you good night sleep 15 minutes longer.

Obviously everyone does not agree with it. But the truth is wool, apparently, regulates the blood circulation and keep the body temperature within the “comfort zone”. Hence resulting in quality and better sleep.

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The secret lies in the material of wool. Wool has also been called a “super-fiber” thanks to its moisture-wicking properties (especially useful for those who suffer night sweats), which is the sell behind wool duvets.

For lasting sleep wool is the best fabric

The National Sleep Foundation, a US nonprofit, lists wool among its recommended materials to sleep in. It also promotes silk, but it is considered expensive and slippery. There are numerous other options too since everyone has their own preferences when it comes to better sleep.

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“Silk is expensive, but wool is the better choice, for a good night sleep

Free Mind can lead to better sleep

The pajamas are not always helpful unless you go to bed with a free mind. Worrying has a damaging effect on our ability to sleep peacefully throughout the night, so perhaps not stressing too much about pajama material is the best advice.

A wool based sleeping suit can give you better sleep in order to deal with chaos waiting for you the next day.

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