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Why Artificial Sugar is the Biggest Enemy of Your Health

Used Ginger Syrup and Lemon | Sugar is bad for Health

Used Ginger with lemon and make a water used it daily it will minimize your calories and lose your wait.

Take 6-8 oz of hot water to add 1-2 lemon in it mixed it in a bowl water and drink it.


Drink black and green tea daily and almost drink green tea without sugar at night time which will minimize the calories of your body.

Mixed black pepper with lemon into the hot water add some ice cream in summer will be added for your body.

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A lot of persons think it tastes good. The other side says it is bad for health.

The problematic is that many persons do not specify the type of sugar. Sugar is not one group. There are artificial and natural sugars.

The truth is, false sugar is bad for health. Not natural sugar.

For example:

The average apple has 19 grams of usual sugar.

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An apple is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. A Snicker’s bar is dreadful for health.

If your appearance just at the quantity of sugar, the health value of each food can be misleading.

Why is sugar bad for health?

Eating a diet with high quantities of sugar is bad for health, especially the heart.


A sugar-laden diet may increase your risk of disappearing of heart disease even if you aren’t overweight. In a education, the odds of disappearing from heart illness rose in bike with the percentage of sugar in the diet and that was true irrespective of a being’s age, sex, physical activity level, and bod. Julie Corlissy-mass index

How do you stay away from artificial sugar?

Avoid Processed Food

Treated foods have more artificial sweeteners. The businesses must make the food taste good to try and sell it, so they upsurge the sugar content to get people hooked on it. A great example of this is Coca-Cola.

Say no to soda and fruit juice

It doesn’t take a mastermind to figure out that Coke is corrupt, but fruit juice? Yes, the popularity fruit juice has a ton of extra sugar that your body does not need.

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Read food labels. On food labels, it must say “added sugars”. You want to avoid the added sugars.

Stick to fruit for your sugar intake.

Ovaries may be high in sugar. However, fruit contains a high quantity of fiber which helps with upholding healthy sugar levels in your body.

Sugar is not the enemy. Artificial sugar is.

A person can be fit by consuming small amounts of natural sugar daily. I eat two to three fruits per day.

Do I eat false sugar sometimes? Yes. I reserve a cheat meal once per week to indulge in whatever I want.

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But, to feel healthy one of the best things you can do is harshly limit the intake of unnatural sugars.


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