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Understand Your Menstrual Cycle Phases | Women’s Health Center

Menstrual Cycle Phases

Woman know Menstrual life Cycle always make some hidden changes in their body it’s not like eating chocolates, Menstruation has a lot of effects which change our complete lifestyle.

And it does not only have effect in periods but  menstrual cycle phases is complete 28 days and it shows effects in complete 28-days by disturbing and shifting different body hormones, So know the Health Advice  how you can manage your lifestyle in these 28-days of menstrual cycle phases, how well you sleep, eat and do workout to keep your body healthy and warm all the day.

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Read the details below and each step especially the menstrual cycle chart and phase which will give the woman of every age good tip for what to eat, workout plan and how they will have the calm full sleep all the month or in complete menstrual life cycle phases.

What is Menstruation

Menstruation (the period) is a normal event in a woman’s life cycle. It usually begins between the ages of 8 and 13. It is the start of the reproductive age called puberty. When a woman has her period, she bleeds through the vagina. It happens every month and usually lasts three to five days. Many women have cramps during this time.


Periods Affect Your Body and Your Feelings | Women’s Health Center

Menstruation affects how many women feel. This is called PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome).

Some symptoms may continue after the period starts.

There are different things that women can do if they have PMS and period symptoms. Simple lifestyle changes can help. These include:

  • The heating pad or hot water bottle
  • medicine
  • regular exercise
  • a healthy diet
  • little or no alcohol or caffeine

Lifestyle Changes | Health Advice

There are easy lifestyle changes that you can make that may help you treat the symptoms of menopause. Relief may take longer, but there are fewer risks than hormone replacement therapy.

Women who maintain a healthy lifestyle before menopause often find it easier to cope with its symptoms. Eating a balanced diet and staying active are two major ways to stay healthy during menopause

Know Menstrual Cycle Phases


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