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Lower Back and Hip pain | SI JOINT PAIN

SI JOINT PAIN is also known as Dysfunction in Sacroiliac Join which is mostly occurring in lower back and hip pain. Basically both lower back and hip pain are SI JOINT PAIN but both are different in terms of causes.

For eras, the SI JOINT PAIN was supposed as a common cause of lower back and hip pain, It is very difficult to found out which section is actually having problem in medical language it is called sceptical. Now in 2018 it’s found out the major of the problem caused the lower back and hip pain is SI JOINT PAIN.

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Sources of SI JOINT PAIN

  • Too much program (hypermobility or unpredictability) in the sacroiliac joint can reason the pelvis to feel unbalanced and lead to pain. Pain from too much gesture is characteristically felt in the lower back and/or hip, and may emit into the groin area.
  • Too little drive (hypomobility or fixation) can reason muscle tautness, pain, and may inhibit flexibility. Pain is typically felt on one side of the low back or buttocks, and can discharge down the back of leg (similar to sciatica pain).

Tips To Get Relief From Joint Pain

Pain, especially joint pain is something, which is a common and yet the most overlooked problems of all. Quite frequently people commit the mistake of taking normal pain killers; however, taking pain killers without consulting any doctor is one thing that can be very dangerous. Pain killers have an enormous number of side effects.

These days, thanks to the ever-growing, severe numbers of stress, obnoxious habit of taking junk food on a daily basis and obesity, joint pains can attack us at a very tender age too.  Here are some tips, which can be helpful to relieve you from your severe joint pains.

Losing weight through physical exercise

Extreme obesity or obesity for the matter of fact can be one of the main reasons behind joint pains. Overweight can be the main reason, which can lead to many kinds of health problems. It can be the reason behind diseases like arthritis, heart problems, cholesterol related issues, muscle pain and so on.

If you have extra weight around your knees, hips, feet and waist, the extra weight tends to put more, unnecessary pressure on the joint areas. Unless you are pregnant or cardiac patient, Physical exercise is one of the greatest options, you should opt for. You can even think about light exercises, meditation.

Lead a healthy and happy life to release joint pain

A sound body and a sound mind can be your ultimate source of happy as well as healthy life. If you have a fit body, you can automatically release joint pain, without any problem. A healthy diet is one of the key factors behind a healthy and fit body. Try to add lots of calcium in your regular diet.

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Vitamin D deficiency can be one of the many reasons behind the loss of calcium from your bones. Significant loss of calcium is definitely one of the main reasons behind the joint pain. Therefore, if your diet includes supplementary calcium tablets, milk, fish oil, it should be helpful for releasing joint pain.

Using hot and cold therapy for reduction of joint pain

A long, hot shower can make a heaven and hell difference in the case of joint pain. This is particularly efficient if you take the bath in the morning. You can also use an electric blanket or heating pad to release the pain. In case of swelling knees or foot, you can use an ice blanket or pack. Follow these tips and you can release the joint pain easily.

SI JOINT PAIN (Houstonian Lady With Sacroiliac Joint Pain Adjusted At Advanced Chiropractic Relief)

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