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Know Best Foods For Weight Loss Along Delish Healthy Smoothie Recipes Makes Woman Slim and Healthy

Weight Loss Incredible Healthy Smoothie Recipes

You must believe healthy food will reduce calories or Weight Loss and make woman healthy and slim but remember healthy food means healthy to know about healthy smoothie recipes which will be the biggest top-secret guard for weight loss.

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Here the social women’s guide will tell you how to lose weight fast tips which are 100% faultless tips for weight loss. Eat such a food which is full of vitamin’s and proteins and which is the best food for lose weight and which keep help woman or everyone to reduce and kills body fats and keeps you healthy or slim.


Used Honeydew(melon) With Mint For Weight loss


Honeydew along with mint used is good for losing weight and it contains 92 calories, such an antioxidant food is fulfilled the need of body sugar level and you will never feel hunger.

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Eat it because it is fulfilled natural vitamins which keep you healthy and mint used is perfect to keep your digestive system good know how to use such a healthy food.

  • Take Half Cup of ice
  • Half Cup of water
  • Half Lemon
  • One Cup of melon
  • Two Dry Figs
  • Mint but Fresh Mint Leaves

Make a mixture of all ingredient and drink a cup daily will helps you in losing weight

Eat Coffee Banana For Weight loss


Used of caffeine in coffee will help in the growth of absorption, overwhelm starvation, and make your body strong at the gym. If possible eat yogurt which will keep your digestive system perfect.

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  • The half cup of ice
  • Half cup coffee
  • One banana, cold if possible
  • A half cup of yogurts
  • One teaspoon of cacao
  • One teaspoon vanilla

Make a mixture of all Ingredient and drink a cup daily will helps you in weight loss

Incredible Used Of Watermelon Cucumber For Weight Loss


Everyone knows fruit is full of vitamins and drinking water with fruit will helps a lot in weight loss and it’s the best tips to keeps your body hydrated and reduce a lot of pounds.

Fruit such as watermelon, cucumber, and strawberries contains a lot of water and it’s considered the healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss

  • Take one cup of watermelon cut it into the chunks
  • Half cup cucumber cut it into a small slice
  • A half cup of strawberries
  • Possible four fresh mint

Make a mixture of all Ingredient and drink a cup daily will keeps you healthy and slim.

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