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How to Lose Weight Fast | Lose 12 Pounds in a Week

Amazing Fitness Tips to lose 12 Pounds in a Week

There are thousands of ways to lose a lot of weight quickly.

But most of them will never satisfy you and will always ask you about workout, exercise and diet plan but know the science fact which will help you to lose weight rapidly.

Remember one thing if u doesn’t have power and you will start dieting so it will only damage your body and affect fitness so your question how to lose weight will remain same and all your body energy will lose and your weight and fatness will remain same.

The weight loss plan outlined here will:

  • Reduce your hunger meaningfully.
  • Make you lose weight rapidly, without hunger.
  • Increase your metabolic health at the same time.

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Here is a simple 3-step plan to lose weight fast.

1. Say Good Bye to Sugars and Starches

The greatest key part is saying goodbye to sugars and starches (carbs).

These are the foods that excite excretion of insulin the most. If you didn’t know previously, insulin is the key fat storing hormone in the body.

When insulin goes down, fat has a cooler time receiving out of the fat stores and the body starts burning fats instead of carbs.

Another advantage of dropping insulin is that your kidneys shed excess sodium and water out of your body, which decreases bloat and needless water weight.

It is not rare to lose up to 12 pounds (sometimes more) in the first week of consumption this way, both body fat, and water weight.

This is a chart from a homework associating low-carb and low-fat diets in overweight/obese women.


The low-carb collection is drinking until roundness, while the low-fat group is calorie restricted and hungry.

Cut the carbs, inferior your insulin and you will start to eat fewer calories mechanically and without hunger.

Put simply, dropping your insulin puts the fat loss on “autopilot.”


Eliminating sugars and starches (carbs) from your food will inferior your insulin levels, kill your malnutrition and make you lose weight without hunger.

2 .Eat Protein, Fat and Vegetables

Each unique of your mealtimes should include a protein food, a fat source, and low-carb vegetables. Building your meals in this way will mechanically bring your carb consumption into the recommended range of 20-50 grams per day.

Protein Sources:

  • Eggs – Omega-3 enriched or pastured eggs are best.
  • Meat – Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, bacon, etc.
  • Angle and Seafood – Salmon, trout, shrimps, lobsters, etc.

The standing of consumption plenty of protein cannot be exaggerated.

This has been shown to boost breakdown by 80 to 100 calories per day.

High protein foods can also decrease compulsive opinions about food by 70%, decrease desire for late-night snacking by half, and make you so full that you mechanically eat 441 fewer calories per day… just by adding protein to your diet.

When it originates to losing weight, protein is the king of nutrients Historical.


Low-Carb Vegetables:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Swiss Chard
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Full list

Don’t be frightened to load your bowl with these low-carb vegetables. You can eat huge amounts of them deprived of going over 20-50 net carbs per day.

A diet founded on meat and vegetables covers all the fiber, vitamins and reserves you need to be fit and healthy. There is no physical need for grains in the diet.

Fat Sources:

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Butter
  • Tallow

Eat 2-3 meals per day. If you find physically hungry in the evening, add a 4th meal.

Don’t be frightened of consumption fat, trying to do both low-carb AND low-fat at the similar time is a formula for failure. It will brand you feel unhappy and recklessness the plan.

The best culinary fat to use is coconut oil. It is rich in flaws called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). These fats are more satisfying than others and can boost metabolism slightly

There is no aim to fear these usual fats, new studies show that soaked fat doesn’t raise your heart disease risk at all.


Collect each meal out of a protein foundation, a fat basis, and a low-carb vegetable. This will put you into the 20-50 gram carb range and radically lower your insulin levels.

3. Lift Weights 3 Times Per Week

You don’t need to exercise to lose weight on this strategy, but it is optional.

The best choice is to go to the gym 3-4 periods a week. Do a deep up, lift weights, then stretch.

If you’re new to the gym, ask a trainer for some advice.

By exciting weights, you will burn a lot of calories and stop your metabolism from decelerating down, which is a shared side effect of losing weight.

Educations on the low-carb diets demonstration that you can even gain a bit of muscle while losing significant amounts of body fat.

If lifting weights is not an option for you, then doing some easier cardio workouts like running, jogging, swimming or walking will suffice

Few Fast Weight Loss Tips to Make Things Easier (and Faster)

Here are few more tips to lose weight even faster:

  1. Eat a high-protein breakfast.Consumption a high-protein breakfast has been exposed to reduce longings and calorie intake complete day.
  2. Escape sugary drinks and fruit juice.These are the greatest calorific things you can put into your body, and evading them can help you lose weight.
  3. Drink water a half hour before meals.One study exposed that drinking water a half hour earlier meals improved weight loss by 44% over 3 months.
  4. Choose weight loss-friendly foods.Certain foods are very useful for losing fat select all those foods.

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