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How to Have Hot Make-Up Sex—Without Having to Break Up First

Have a Sex WithOut Having Relationship Break Up

How to Have Hot Make-Up Sex every womens want to ask his partner but no one able to ask question related to hot make-up sex.

Doing Sex without breaking your relation is not simple because you have to agree with your partner on each and every thing.

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For doing sex you have to look different and beautiful by doing makeup by doing amazing make. Used mascara in your eyes will make you in passion and you feel hot.

Fights Between Couples

Sex makeup will be based on your body and brain understanding you have to remain calm and relax also have to handle your partner with love so you should be save from fights with your couple.

Forget Make-Up Sex—Try Make-Up Running

IF you have a sex fight don’t not wear boxing gloves remain calm drink cocktails and blowout with your partner.

Wear a hot dress if you want to cool down your partner and if possible treat your partner with emotion some time emotionally you can cool down him up to 90%.Don’t hurt the feelings keep him mind and hurt and handle him gently.

How to Have Hot Make-Up Sex Watch Out

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