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How Teenagers Can Benefit From Healthy Eating

How Teenagers Can Benefit From Healthy Eating

Health and nutrition are always the last things on every teenagers mind. , burgers, pizzas hotdogs and ice creams are just some of the fast food choices(MEAL OF THE DAY) bombarding youngsters today.  Healthy eating for teenagers doesn’t means junk food What teenagers do not understand is that food habits in early life determine the factors that constitute a person’s physical and emotional wellbeing in the future. Thus healthy eating of selected meal of the day is imperative to ensure a stable and well balanced constitution of both mind and body.

The consumption of junk food along with poor hygiene and physical inactivity decrease immunity and increase the risk factor of diseases like diabetes, heart problems and even cancer so such type of food is not healthy eating for teenagers.   Healthy eating and a diet well balanced in essential foods lower   the risk of obesity and build you a strong and robust physical constitution.

How Do You Determine A Healthy Well Balanced Diet? | 

Healthy Eating

Good dietary habits means consuming a range of food s that gives you all the vitamins, minerals and fiber that your body needs to keep it in perfect working order.  A well balanced diet means eating on time. Despite of a hectic lifestyle due to the demands of peer pressure there is no reason why you can’t eat well. The initial step to healthy eating is to maintain a timetable for meals. A diet based on a fad and fashion demands is detrimental to your health. Most teenagers especially females make that classic mistake of thinking that the way to a great body is to quit eating. That is a myth.

Breakfast, the Most Important Meal of The Day | 

Healthy Eating

To maintain good health you need to eat your very first meal of the day. It is a well-known nutritionist fact that a good breakfast holds the key to reducing weight. How and why this is possible has a very simple scientific and biological answer. Eating wholesome breakfast combined with a smoothie consisting of mixed fruits packs a power punch and keeps you more or less adequately supplied with your daily dose of nutrients. Having a light lunch or even a bowl of fruits will sustain you till dinner. Of course if you aren’t one who needs that weight loss then a good lunch with balanced portions of protein carbohydrates and fats is necessary

Why Is Breakfast Necessary Healthy Eating

The vast gap between the previous night’s dinner and breakfast is an average 7 to 8 hours. Skipping breakfast means an extension of that gap. Such situation can cause fatigue weakness and impaired bodily function. That is because tour body is summoning all of its stored resources to produce the energy it requires to function. Breakfast cereals such as oats are rich in essential minerals and fiber required for a healthy body.


Physical Activity Increases the Benefits of Healthy Eating 

One should remember that along with healthy eating you also need to be physically active. Just eating three meals a day even with healthy snacks in between won’t always do the trick. They may not put you at risk of disease but physical inactivity reduces the benefits of good nutrition. In order to produce the very essential mitochondria within your cells which are the storehouses of energy, you need to be vibrant and active.


The Benefits of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables  Healthy Eating

Fresh vegetables and fruits are super foods rich in calcium iron and other minerals. Foods like carrots increase beta-carotene within your body.  Consuming various fruits increase the levels of vitamin C and other important vitamins. The biggest benefits of such nutrients are the ant oxidant properties that eliminate the free radicals within pour body. Free radicals are the biggest agents of cell degeneration. Vitamin C promotes elasticity of skin by promoting collagen build up within skin cells. The result is glowing healthy skin so very necessary to make you look beautiful.

The temptation of pastries, chocolates, carbonated drinks, cakes and sweets can be intimidating to anyone following a diet. These are high in saturated fats that increase cholesterol and weight gain. Snacks should be substituted with foods that are low in saturated fats.  Instead of carbonated drinks , a   good intake of fruit juice will ensure an added dose of vitamin C. drinking  at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily will not only keep you well hydrated  it will  flushes  out all the toxins from the body.

A good diet and adequate exercise are the two most important factors of good health. The result isn’t just a healthy well maintained physical body. Healthy eating improves mental wellbeing and keeps you in a positive frame of mind

Healthy Eating for Teenagers

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