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Simple Homemade Hair Mask Recipes Make Hair Grow faster and You Have Silky & Beautiful Hair

Silky And Beautiful Hair With Amazing Homemade Hair Masks

Every woman wants silky and beautiful hair either it’s dull, rough or damaged in any condition but how womens have silky and beautiful hair find the simple homemade hair mask recipes which make hair grow faster but there is big question every woman ask how to make hair mask?

Socialwomens guide will tell you make a simple hair mask which will not only increase your hair grow but also make it healthy, silky and beautiful because hair gives major look in woman beauty and its all about womens beauty tips

First determine the problems of your hair and what type of your hair is.Here we show the list of some hair style which are:

Dry: Rough, Split hair, broken easily, damage and produce oil.

Heathy Hair: Perfect with the perfect look, Oil free, Strong with dark color, Problem less.

Normal: Shiny with free of problems. But some hairs are split at the roots of hair.

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Dry or damaged hair

Oil and Pure water helps you’re to prevent it from damaged. Wash your hair daily and used oil but it’s also depend what kind of hair you have.


It should be full of vitamins e,g E & B which is very good for hair .Mixed it with banana, oil, potatoes and mashed it and used it on your hairs.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is old and always the best things used for hair mixed it with the egg and mashed it, If possible add banana and yogurts and used the mashed material on your hair and washed it after 20 minutes so it looks shiny, healthy  and all the damaged hair will be change into smooth and fresh hair.

Apple cider vinegar:

It contains proteins, make your hair healthy, stronger, shiner, dandruff free hair and in one color, with this the PH of the blood is also increase and you skin also glow.


It is full of Vitamin C which is necessary for the healthy hair, it should be used with some moisturizing ingredients and used it on hair for 5-10 minutes and wash hair with cold water.

Combination Hair

Its is the basic building block for hair because it is full of portiens.It build the hair from the roots and remove the dandruff . It can be mixed with the strawberries, Eggs and apple vinegar, baking soda mixed them all make the material and used on your hair for 10-20 minutes and then Wash and feel heathy hair

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