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For Health and beauty Important Facts Womens Always Wanted To Know About Boobs In Her Life

Some Important Facts About Boobs

Every women’s love big breasts along perfect shapes nipples, Thousand of women’s search over the internet about how to increase breast size because breast size matters a lot to explain women’s health and beauty.

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Boobs are also attract the man. See below the facts about breast and nipples such as color, size, and implants breast will actually affect women’s health and beauty read all in detail.


O’Reilly, nipples are the sensitive part of the breast which also increase women’s hotness by touching and rubbing it because the flow of blood in boobs reached up to the maximum level.

Nipples are same as men penis head which is oversensitive part of the body.

So touching nipples will damage her so while having fun give some rest to nipples and then touch or rub nipples because it will be recovered in short period of time and it helps a lot to increase breast size.


Never two nipples are same like every one figure tips according to O’Reilly “Size of nipples is depends on the size of breasts if boobs size increase it will make nipples bigger too, but must remember some other aspects which increase breast sizes like age, food, sleep, menstruation and weight of the body.

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Women’s nipples are the same terms should be used for the belly button “innie” vs outside. According to O’ Relly nipples behave normally at the time of inspiration such types of nipples is shy nipples, nipples are the best part of the not only breast but it’s the hottest part of part of the body so every woman has to keep some concentration on her boobs and boobs nipples.


According to O’Reilly’s breast size will also increase breast weight, also the tissue like a fatty and dense tissue quantity is also increased in in the breasts size of boobs or breasts is different from one woman to another but the average weight of the breast is almost 1.5 pounds.


No doubt breasts or nipples are the sensitive part of women body breast are same as like feet when someone feet has got damaged it will feel the pain in whole body part according to O’Reilly’s if you play roughly with your breast or nipples you will feel pain in your chest or week for some days too.

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It has also increased pain but pleasure pain which has a bad impact on your whole body.

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