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Best Hair Washing Tricks & Tips

Best Tips & Tricks of Hair Washing

Everyone have different kind of hair with different hair styles, and each type of hair style need separate kind of care to look healthy and shiny with a beautiful look.


The Three D’s

It me DRY, DAMAGED and DEHYDATED hairs which me if someone has already been washed her hair it’s still remain oily and look rough. For such kind of hairs always wash it with the conditioners once in a weak and if possible used yogurt with eggs for 15 minutes and then wash it with shampoo after that wash it again with conditioners  at least for 2 minutes.

All feel the shiny smooth hair do it at least once in a week.

Snow Flakes:

In winter you should live in the cold area or if you are travel in snow it will make your hair greasy till the root for that don’t used shampoo wash your hair with soup once and twice in a week that ill remove oil from your hair.

Natural Hairs:

Any type of hairs including oily or fine you should wash it with natural ingredient because normal shampoo includes a lot of chemical and using it will affect your hairs.

Natural Shampoo includes no sulfates no harsh chemicals they just including baking soda and apple vinegar with some natural ingredients. From that you will get a shiny and  black hair with a new look very soon

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