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Brilliant Used of Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Shinny Hair & Look Beautiful with Silky Hair’s

Amazing Vinegar Womens Hair Beauty Tips

For the decades womens know washing hair with the apple cider vinegar is the best womens hair beauty tip to get smooth and silky hair and yes it’s true when your used Apple cider vinegar while washing your hair all the roughness will be finished and you will get the smooth and silky hair easily.

Apple cider vinegar use mostly after the shampoo or while shampooing you can used it to get excellent silky and smooth hair. Washing hair with vinegar also kills all the gems lives inside your hair too see below the socialwomens guideline  tells you how to get the hair silky and dandruff free with simple use of vinegar.


Used different shampoos will affect your hair make it dull oily and damage your skins. Don’t  Used shampoo daily because too much chemical and  conditioners will damage your hair make it natural used natural items like olive oil ,yogurt which will give you glamour’s look to your hairs.

Some tips here that Make your hair healthy and beautiful

  • Used baking soda with apple vinegar and wash with cold hair.
  • Remove extra mouth hairs and increase healthy hair.
  • Used yogurt and make shiny and fat hair.
  • Remove dandruff using shampoo and conditional once in a week.

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