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Incredible Exercises Which IS Not Only Quickest Way To Lose Weight But Also Give Strength & Make Body Strong Too

How To Lose Weight Fast By Doing Daily Workout

Exercise is the best and quickest way to lose weight and it makes you fit and give muscular strength to the body.

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Now social women’s tells women’s which is the best way to lose weight without damage health and which exercises to lose weight is best for the healthy life and long living so every woman must do the daily workout.

selective to select the exercise which is the fastest way to lose weight make the body strong and give muscular strength to body bones see the detail below.

Exercise is necessary if you want to be fit slim and smart but some workout is such a type that will make you fit, Slim and also give you extra strength physically and mentally too. Here we tell some Moves which grow your muscle if you did one side move it automatically stretch other portion of your body but remember to make your diet plan drink juice which will help you to make your stamina and give you strength which helps a lot during the workout.

Single Leg Move

It looks tough but actually, it’s not first of all bend at 90 degrees move straight your hand towards feet make it straight don’t bend make your body parallel to the floor lift right feet in the air behind your back. Do it 10 – 15 times it will lose belly weight and make legs and hands strong extra power has been added in it.



Roller Sit-Up Position

Lie on the floor make your hand and legs straight move extend your hand overhead make feet leg straight and touch feet with each other.

While sitting bend our feet and move your arm forward sit with the by back force.

In final stage straight your hand next to the knees and parallel to the ground and make it past with feet.



Rocking Plank Move

Lay down on the floor and prepare the plan position, Balance your body, hands, and toes parallel to the floor. Keep shoulder straight move your left hip little bit towards floor move it down the little bit if possible and then come back to the starting position after completing the first step repeat that step 10 to 15 types to be fit slim and smart.


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