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12 Indian Beauty Standards that make you Perfect Indian Woman

Become Perfect Indian Woman Tips and Tricks

Indian Beauty Standards 2018

Over the years sure Indian Beauty Standards have been set those women all over India attempt to follow. Surprisingly the Indian beauty standards or beauty standards in India followed by ancient ancestors are the same ones that are still followed today!

How to become Beautiful Indian Woman like model and artist followed the tips which we are going to share with you easy to handle and ancients make you a Perfect Indian Woman.

Become a Beautiful Indian Woman

Here is the list of Indian Ideal. They are the explanation for Indian Beauty.

Almond Shaped Eyes | Indian Beauty Standards

Almond formed eyes are a quality that you have to be born with. Attractive a look at India’s main Bollywood Actress and Miss World Aishwarya Rai. She is the most Beautiful Woman in the world. It is safe to say that greatest of them own this one particular Indian beauty standard for certain!

Sharp Nose | Indian Beauty Standards

Let’s income a rapid look at all the Bollywood actresses who had nose jobs done to achieve this specific Indian beauty standards! – We have beautiful Indian girls like Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty!

A sharp nose is said to brand the face look thinner and more elegant!

Long and Thick Black Hair | Indian Beauty Standards

To become a Perfect Indian Woman you must have long hair to make every style you want. India would not be India deprived of the extended luscious locks! Most ads on television are for various shampoos and conditioners to make your hair extended, strong and thick. In fact, it is a custom for the mothers to massage coconut oil onto their child’s hair to make sure that their hair grows out well!

Hourglass Figure | Beautiful Indian Woman

Become a beautiful Indian Woman your figure must be like a Kim Kardashian. Till Kim Kardashian derived about, Hollywood rejected hourglass figures and adored thin and trim girls. But, India, right from the start of times, valued and adored any woman with an hourglass figure.

In fact, likening ancient pictures of Indian beauty standards and contemporary pictures, you may not find all that much of a change where the figure is concerned! Indian beautiful girls are maintaining such figures.

Chiselled Chin | Beauty Standards in India

A shaped or a pointed chin is watched as a feminine trait, while, a box-shaped jaw is worried to be completely manly in nature! This is why Indians view the Bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone, to be a superior star than Frieda Pinto.

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Full Lips | Beauty Standards in India

Unnecessary to say, this specific Beauty of India normal is a symbol of sexuality and femininity. Before you say whatever, No, this is not a trend that was brought on by Kylie Jenner.

Fair Skin | Perfect Indian Woman

Though this may be a opinion to debate upon, the way fairness cream crops are successful in India (not just for women but men too), is a strong sign that fair skin is abundant more valued than darker skin. All Indian beautiful teenagers are uses this fairness cream products.

Anywhere the color of the skin is worried, the North Indians seem to have it easier than the South Indians, who are darker by nature.

Dark Eyebrows | Perfect Indian Woman

Additional beloved mannerism is dark eyebrows. Greatest often Indians use a technique called negotiating, which is healthier than polishing (although not less painful) to shape their brows. This method is gradually catching up in places like America, Canada and Australia. After determining their brows perfectly, a brow gel or a pencil is used to darken the brows!

You can only envisage an Indians reaction during the ‘lightened brow phase’!

Thick Eyelashes | Beautiful Indian Woman

They say that an Indian woman can hold a whole chat only using her eyes. The eyes of Indian women are also said to be the most animated! This would not be likely without those long thick eyelashes.

Just a bet of those splendors and you already know she’s absorbed in you!

Thick Lined Eyes | Beautiful Indian Woman

Kajal or Kohl is one of the main Indian beauty standards, as it is rummage-sale as not just a way to highpoint those animated eyes, but, when used gradually, is very refrigeration to the eyes – perfect for the hot, sultry Indian weather!

There you have it! 12 Indian Beauty Standards that cabinet what makes an Indian Girl so perfect!

Why Are India’s Beauty Standards So Messed Up?


A colleague of mine called me out of prevention last week. He keeps a South Asian bridal boutique. Spending season for South Asian wives takes place now for marriages that will occur in the summer of 2017 and beyond. He expressed me that too many eras he sees the following scene unfold:

Shining brides-to-be examine through racks of hand overstated wedding Sarees and Lenghas, their eyes bright up as they imagine walking into the welcome hall as Mr. and Mr.’s for the first time. As these upcoming brides pick out their color and grip the clothes against their forms, the bride’s Indian friend, fellow, friend, mother or mother-in-law would remark with; “are you sure around that color, it’ll make you look shady.” These soon-to-be brides now become halfhearted and are spinal to square one.

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