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Only 30-Second Skin Test & Predict Signs of skin cancer


Sun’s Rays Damage Skin Moles

As the summer season come to the ends and everyone is worried about skin because it will be damaged with sun’s rays, which will alive signs of skin cancer, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. When BCC (basal cell cancer) gets abnormal the chance of skin cancer increase are your skin moles are become the symptoms of skin cancer.
if you suffer from skin cancer (melanoma) which will damage your health and may also cause death. according to the latest research you will test skin cancer within 30-second specially it common in women and damaged women’s health most.
Dermatology study publish in British journal at October 19,number of moles in arms will predict how many moles you have on entire body, how much skin cancer chance will increase.

Signs Of Skin Cancer

A London kings college researcher works a lot on skin cancer, health specially women’s health. to perform the research they collect 3,594 British females data from 1995 -2003. All women/ladies give the taste of skin, hair, eye color and different 17 parts of the body has been tested. the tested should be based on the moles and researchers correlated the number if moles on right arm will show the quantity of moles on the entire body. and when the result come give if the women have more than 11 moles on right arms have more the 9 times more moles on his/her body so remember more moles becomes is a big signs of skin cancer.

According to the researcher one mole increase the chance of skin cancer up to 4% they also find after performing tests on moles the upper arm portion below the elbow and particularly legs will show how many moles person have on his/her complete body the same conclusion comes to end when they perform tests on both men and women but also define women health effect more as compare to men’s health.

Know every womens either white or black perform the skin cancer test on herself by only check the number of moles in there right arms and only thing these moles as the signs of skin cancer.

As a Final Result is that to check the skin cancer you have now simple and easy mole test just checks out how many moles are on your right arm higher the moles higher the chance of skin cancer, so moles are the symptoms of skin cancer. Moles is not only the signs of skin cancer, but it’s also telling about health or women’s health. but you should also visit to the skin specialist which will check the full body,she will also seen and examine different part of skin and will better guide you about the problem.If moles are coming on skin so avoid sun light because it will be the causes of cancer as your death basal cell cancer(BCC) get alive and damaged your health.

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