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Incredible Makeup Tricks That Gives Healthy Lifestyle With Beauty To Every Woman

Makeup is an important partner of woman to change its look that’s why every woman worried about their makeup collection and always in search of latest makeup ideas or makeup tricks which give woman healthy and beauty look to her face or skin. Makeup is considered the beauty supply to every woman but how womens will get health and beauty along with the beauty sleep with makeup know about the simple and easy  makeup tricks which gives healthy lifestyle to every woman see below the complete social womens guide line..

Your Friend Must Know About Makeup Collection You Used.

Every Woman share cloths and jewelry with her friends and colleges  but don’t share their makeup collection with your friends but share the brands which woman used so you will know which one is better of which is known. If someone love your lipsticks and she want to use it its wrong too much wrong also don’t share your best color with your friends it will make you nasty.

According to David Bank a dermatologist in New York “sharing your makeup kit with your friend have a chance of infection and most important eyeliner and lipsticks sharing have a chance of viral infection  ”

Never Used Expired Makeup It’s Damaged women’s beauty

Why there is an expiration date on makeup and after expiration products will be through away. Using expired makeup especially lipsticks or eyeliner will damage your eyes and lips there is also the chance of skin cancer and blindness by using all expired makeup. Skin irritation will be start and pimple will be come on your skins.

If You are so much tired but never sleep with the makeup if you will when you get up early morning it will close all the pores of your skins so its means all your pores will be block if you sleep in makeup your skin can’t breathe it will die and look dull and it also make your eyes irritating.

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